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Dear Facility Administrator,

My name is Kalei Stockstill; I am CEO of My ALF Training. Many of our customers have expressed to us, their growing frustration with placement services. I’m writing to you today because My ALF Training has assembled the team, the resources, and we’re ready to help.

Taking on these placement services is no small task. They spend 10’s of millions of dollars each month to capture all digital leads. It’s time to come together and start counteracting these marketing juggernauts before it’s too late. Keep reading and I’ll lay out the first steps of our plan.

What’s the Problem?

A Placement Dis-Service!

These placement services capture leads using paid search ads and organic search engine optimization. Every time a facility pays placement fees, they are making this monster stronger. In fact, a growing number of facilities are becoming totally dependant on finding residents through these services. 

  • Almost all of the top organic search rankings are placement services. (SEE CASE STUDY BELOW)
  • Placement services marketing budget far surpass that of individual facilities
  • Each dollar paid to placement services is used to capture the next 10 customers.
  • A Place for Mom, spends, on average $24.16 million annually

Placement services don’t provide any services to the resident

  • What service is placement “Services” actually providing?
  • If placement services didn’t exist, customers would still find you. I believe they are getting in the way of a transaction that would happen anyway.
  • Placement service representatives have never visited any facilities. They pretend to be experts but often don’t even live in the same state.
  • Where are all the leads going?
    • They are sucking up all the digital leads with their ever-growing marketing and advertising budgets. 
    • Many facilities report never receiving any leads, or if they do, the leads are of low quality or are not an appropriate placement. 
  • Many facilities are not contracted with these services but still appear as a listing on their site. Hmm?? That doesn’t seem right.

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National placement services are using your facility name and information against you.

National placement services offer the public a list of facilities that resemble a public directory. The facility contact information is missing and all calls and emails are directed to their call centers. Many of your customers don’t know that they are contacting a referral service. In fact, the placement services are using your facility name and information against you. Let me give you an example.

Do a search for “Living Southern Style of Brevard”. This is our friend’s facility. This is what the customer will see:

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Let’s take a look at the first 4 spots of the organic results and see what contact information the customer will be given.
1. Caring.com,
2. Alzheimers.net
3. Seniorly.com
4. A Place for Mom



The Solution is My24care.com

In order to combat the increasing problem of placement services, we’ve created a comprehensive directory of assisted living facilities at My24care.com. We do not charge any fees and we display facilities full contact information.

How Does It Work?

My24care will unite facilities behind a common goal of reducing the influence of placement services. We will create a marketing cooperative that will use Search Engine Optimization to increase the profile of our members. We will achieve this by concentrating our content creation efforts on one site, my24care.com

In addition, My 24 Care will become a referral network of participating assisted living facilities. When you can’t help someone at your facility, or you are full, send them to My24care.com. We will never charge a placement fee or hide your facility information. You are free to claim and improve your own listing.

My 24 Care will be so much more than just a referral network. We are forming a unique Healthcare Marketing Cooperative (more on that in a few months). 

The first step to achieve our goal is to offer the public the most detailed information on all facilities, photos, services offered, education, and available LTC resources. To make the process really easy, we’ll do the work for you. Simply complete the authorization form by clicking on Join Network Link: Join My 24 Care Network

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

  • Make weekly posts on Facebook and tag @myalftraining
  • Our team will use the content of your post and publish a blog post linked to your listing on my24care.com

Step 3:

  • Join our free monthly marketing webinar to discuss strategies and goals moving forward.


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Here’s how Living Southern Style of Brevard looks on My24care.

View Living Southern Style of Brevard Listing

This is the correct phone number and contact form link to the facility email address!

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