Featured Listing

There is no cost to becoming a featured listing on My24care.com.

Featured Listings are listed a the top of most search and listing pages. Featured listings receive a special “FEATURED” Banner which highlights the listing.

How does your listing become featured?

Your listing will become featured when you meet all listing criteria as follows:

  1. 5 Pictures
  2. Facility Description with a minimum of 100 characters
  3. Contact Email and Phone
  4. Website Address
  5. Social Media Pages
  6. Testimonials
    1. Small Facility (1-15 Beds) = 3 Testimonials
    2. Medium Facility (16-40 Beds) = 6 Testimonials
    3. Large Facility (41-100 Beds) = 9 Testimonials
    4. Extra Large (101+ Beds) = 12 Testimonials

Testimonials are reviews posted to your facility listing. You can send your clients directly to your listing page or you can download the form to complete and return. Click here to download the Care Survey Testimonial Form.